Friday, February 11, 2011

Saint Surly - "LoFi Emporium" - SP1200 Beat Tape

After the 2010 collab/split album "Out of the Woodwork" with Monster Monster, Brisbane producer Saint Surly has returned to the studio and delved deep into the mysteries of the SP1200 (a recently acquired late 80's/early 90's 12bit sampler).

The result is a 16min beat tape called "LoFi Emporium" - a collection of 11 rough-hewn, instrumental Hip Hop beats, straight off the sp interwoven with snippets and interludes taken from various LPs in the Surly stax...

Artwork done by myself, photo's for the cover shot by Monster Monster.

This is a FREE downloadable release. Download here::
Listen:: Lo Fi Emporium - SP1200 Beat Tape by Saint Surly

Saint Surly - "LoFi Emporium" (2011)

00:00 - Intro
00:16 - "Retrofit?"
02:03 - "B33zin"
03:25 - "lo-Org"
04:18 - "Weird Hawaii"
05:21 - "Knee Beater"
06:18 - "Whurls"
07:18 - "Get Bent"
08:26 - "Roof Crawler"
09:44 - "Lone Freak"
11:11 - "Gronx[dktune]"
13:35 - "Thanks Tony"


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  1. Hey mate could you please reupload this. I recently bought a SP. Dying to hear this tape. PEACE!!!